Class Schedule
Room 2: Greek and Roman Headdresses- Learn what the Greeks and Romans wore on their heads. May be hands on, depending on how many attendees.
*Baroness Ayesha de Warwick

Room 3: Kingdom Chroniclers Open Hours- Come ask any questions you may have for the Kingdom Chronicler.
*Lady Aubrey Ericsdatter

Room 1: Embroidery 101- Come learn basic embroidery stitches to help spiff up your garb!
*Lady Gwenllian verch Madyn from the Canton of Haldtre

Room 2: Wired Rings- Come learn how to make a wire rings, some with stones or beads, some without. We will make rings for largess and to keep. Hands on. Donations accepted.
*Baroness Ayesha de Warwick

Room 3: October Heraldic Decision Meeting - Have you ever wanted to be in the room where it happened? Well, if you were thinking about heraldry, we can get you close! Join us for our October Heraldic Decision Meeting - where we will discuss the current in-Kingdom submissions before they are sent up to Laurel for discussion. No heraldic experience required!
*Lady Elena Wyth

Outside by List Field: Youth Chivalric Marshaling – Learn to become a youth chivalric marshal. There will be background check form available.
*HL Alexandra Notte Clare, HL Germanicus and Lady Muireen Ingen Cheithemag